Do you feel like the media pushes the “gay agenda” too much?  Is that your intention with your pro-gay marriage stance?


I do see how some people can think the media “pushes a gay agenda” but to me, the answer is very simple:  gay marriage needs to be discussed until it is legal everywhere.  Like most things in life, we have to start at home so my goal is to keep talking about it until it’s legal in every state in the union.

It’s important to me to make sure that people understand that I’m never trying to push a “gay marriage” agenda on anyone. I believe that everyone has the right to their religious freedoms. That’s what America was founded on. It is my belief that gay marriage is a human rights issue and not a religious issue. That is why I am in support of it.

As an ELCA Lutheran, I do not believe that being gay is a sin. But that is my belief. As Americans, we owe it to every gay person in the world to allow them the same governmental freedoms that we enjoy and hold so dear. Just as I did not choose to be born straight. Gay people don’t choose to be born gay. No gay person will ever tell you they grew up with a dream of being gay. It just doesn’t happen.

This is about Civil Rights and Judgment. “Judge not, lest ye be judged” was impressed upon me as a child from the best mother in the world.

Please note again: I am not trying to change your viewpoint. Any negative comments will be deleted.  This is a hate-free zone.  I embrace your right to view homosexuality as a choice and a sin. If that is your belief, I will fight to the death to protect that for you as an American.

God bless America. ♥


Where did Y.A.L. come from?


My mother, Joan Carlin, was an eighth grade teacher at Sycamore School in Gridley for 40 years. She spent her entire adult life empowering young men and women to remember that they are ladies and gentlemen. Sometimes she complained and yelled, and other times she was gentle but she was always a lady and always expected the same from her students. Her theory was that it doesn’t take much extra time to treat others with the respect that we should expect to be treated with ourselves. She didn’t let us leave the house without a “Y.A.L.” shouted after us and it is impossible to find a former student that doesn’t remember having it told to them.

On October 1, 2001, mom was taken, much too soon, from us quite suddenly. Her legacy is every single student passing through her classroom in Gridley. I’ve never felt such warmth and love, even from people I’ve never met. At her funeral, the audience of 650 people all said, “Y.A.L.” when asked as if we were in a movie and not at a long memorial in a church. That’s when I first started to realize the impact my mother had on her community. That’s when I started to awaken to the fact that my mom wasn’t just my mom. She was everybody’s mom.

Through this website, I hope to continue my mom’s impact on her community by spreading the word on self respect. We are all ladies and gentlemen and if we guard our souls, nurture them and remember the Golden Rule, we can do anything.


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