Funks, Empty Nests, Car Accidents and Other Fun Things…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since my first Book Signing in June!  If I’ve been so flaky this summer, how will I be next summer when Gridley Girls launches for realsies?  I shudder at that question.

In three short months since I last posted I have, watched Baby Boy (BB) graduate from high school, spent the summer fighting with BB in his attempt to separate from me prior to leaving for college, welcomed our beloved Dutch exchange-son, Youri, back home for six weeks where we traveled to our California home and Hawaii to enjoy his presence in our lives (he’s the only one of our three kids – fake or otherwise – who minds, is respectful and acts like he loves us in public), traveled to Jamaica on an eight-day mission trip to work in orphanages with 50 high schoolers (including Baby Girl) from my church, purged my overly-giant house of unnecessary stuff in my ongoing quest for a simpler life, tried to impart all last minute wisdom upon BB in anticipation of his departure, given up on the fact that I will never feel like I’ve done enough prior to his departure, gone to college orientation, watched BB plan his classes and meet with his advisor with maturity and intelligence, picked myself up out of my chair after being shocked at said maturity, fought back tears when I was sad knowing I couldn’t call my mother to share that story with her, got in two car accidents, one of which wrenched my back and neck so badly that I’m in three-day-a-week chiropractic appointments, sent my Dutch-son back to Dutchlandia (it’s so much more fun to say than Amsterdam or The Netherlands – whatever) the same weekend that we brought Baby Boy to college, and finally, cried and cried at the thought that my family, the thing I’ve fought to protect, preserve and cherish for the last 18 years, will never, ever be the same.

Phew, I’m exhausted!  Now you see why I haven’t written.  My apologies, nonetheless.

So now, I’m in a funk.  It’s been coming for quite some time but that dang car accident just sealed the deal.  After spending my 21st wedding anniversary (yesterday) hysterically crying (my anniversary always falls two days after my mother’s deathiversary so it’s anybody’s guess how I’ll be feeling that year), I realized this was a funk and I needed to make some changes, pull myself up by my bootstraps and get to work or the funk could spiral.  And nobody wants a spiraling funk.  Nobody!

So I will leave you tonight with a teaser.  The topic of my next post.  When we were preparing to send BB to college, my husband, in haste and quite regretfully, said, “Cut the cord” at a very inopportune time.

Yes, he very much regrets that.  My answer was, is, and you and I will discuss this at length next time:  When you push a baby out of your vagina, you may tell me how to act when sending said baby to college.  Until then, you should probably keep your judgment to yourself.

Thoughts?  Arguments?  Agreements?  Let’s discuss and I’ll save the story for next time.  Until then, Y.A.L.


PS:  This is much of what our summer looked like.  I’m convinced ABC has hidden cameras following me around for their story lines.

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