God be with you ’til we meet again, David Cone…

I just got off the phone with Suzanne Cone, mother of Jennifer Cone, our best friend who passed away just after fourth grade.  Jennifer’s father, David Cone, just passed away.  We’ve known it was coming.  Cancer will do that.  We know he’s in a better place.  Faith will do that.  We know he’s with Jennifer now.  Faith is awesome.

And yet it sucks.

That’s right. It’s not very ladylike, but death can suck.  I’m not a fan.  It pisses me off.  I’m supposed to be grateful that he has a faith that teaches us that he’s in a better place.  I’m supposed to be happy that he’s now with his daughter who’s been gone for 39 years.  And I am happy that he’s out of pain.  I’m happy that he’s with his daughter after all this time.

And yet it sucks.

David Cone was the quintessential nice guy.  A family man to the core.  A great husband.  A wonderful friend.  He and his wife survived the unthinkable:  the death of their oldest daughter.  A tragedy that breaks up most marriages, but his lasted for 50 years.  He will be missed by his family and friends and while I smile at the thought of the reunion of father and daughter, I still cry when I think of his five remaining children, grandchildren and his new great-grand baby living without him.

Because it sucks.

In another wink from God, the burial will take place the day after I happen to be flying home to conduct the wedding ceremony of one of our other best friends from Gridley.  I know Jennifer will be smiling upon all of us on Thursday as we say goodbye to her dad and on Friday as we congratulate RoseMarie Curcuru and Debbie Freeman on their historic marriage.

Life goes on and we all know, it doesn’t really suck.  Even if it feels that way sometimes.

God be with you ’til we meet again, David Cone.  We’re better off for having known you.

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