Gridley Girls is almost here!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’m still suffering in a Lyme-fog world and doing the best I can to function while trying to launch a book and a daughter at the same time.  What was I thinking when I agreed to that timing?

Gridley Girls hits the stores tomorrow!  Do you have your copy?  If so, I’d love for you to post a picture of yourself with it on social media and tag me.

We’re having a few book events coming up.  Just hit the News & Events page for details.  6/30/16 at Excelsior Bay Books in the Twin Cities and 7/16/16 in Gridley, CA.  Hope to see you there!

Many people think this is just a release of the old Gridley Girls in paperback and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  I spent the last two years rewriting this book and I promise, it’s worth the purchase.  There are 150 pages of new material on the girls’ adult lives and a few new characters that set up the storyline for the sequel (coming in 2017).  It really is a new book and I’m really proud of it.  And for the price of a fancy cocktail, how can you go wrong?

If you still have Graduation gifts to buy, it’s the perfect gift for your Grad of the female persuasion.

Would love for you to post a review when you’ve read it.  It takes a village to launch a book and you’re mine.  I need you!

Thanks for all the love and support throughout this process and the nasty Lyme disease.  I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you and I appreciate it more than you know.

Happy reading and YAL!

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