Sometimes you have to go back before you can move forward.

GG Full cover 2015Meg Monahan was born to be a secret keeper. From the moment she became a peer counselor in high school, Meg has been keeping her friends secrets, from sordid family dramas to stories about their sex lives—secrets that she never wanted to know. Flash forward to adulthood, and Meg is now a recruiter for the world’s hippest (and most paranoid) high-tech company—she is a professional secret keeper.

When sudden tragedy strikes before Meg hosts the wedding of her childhood BFF, Anne Calzaretta, the women are forced to face their past—and their secrets—in order to move on with their lives. Thirty years after loss, lies, and secrets separated them, Meg and Anne reminisce about the days when they, along with their friends Jennifer and Tonya, were so close that they were known as “The Group” in their hometown. Anne remembers their freshman year as an easier time, but Meg, still feeling guilty about a betrayal of Anne’s trust, is haunted about keeping a secret she’s not prepared to face, let alone share.

Can anyone really keep a secret forever?

In her debut novel, the first in a series based on true events and an eLit Gold Medal Winner, Meredith First tells a timeless story about the bonds of friendship, loss, betrayal and the forgiveness that is within everyone.

“If you remember watching Gilligan’s Island while drinking TAB and jotting your deepest secrets inside the pages of your gold leaf-edged diary, you’ll discover many fond memories in the Gridley Girls. An enjoyable story of friendship and love, 1970’s style.”
—Kaira Rouda, USA Today bestselling-author of The Goodbye Year

“In 1978, fourteen year old Meg was a late blooming ‘good girl’.  She was perpetually and hilariously confused about boys, sex, her family and even religion.  Meg worried about her peers who seemed to be moving way too fast.  Her inner dialogue and constant self-reflection were very funny but the plot also had serious moments, especially when Meg took a position as a peer counselor.  She became privy to her classmates’ secrets.  When the burden of their confessions became too much to handle on her own, Meg sought help and betrayed the trust of a good friend…Gridley Girls is an amusing coming-of-age story of Meg Monahan and her childhood friends, now 40-something, as they remembered their first year of high school.  Although the plot tackled serious issues, there were times it was laugh-out-loud funny.”  Maureen Fajt for IndieReader

“Loved this story! Fun, warm and witty, Meredith First perfectly captured the feelings of a high school girl trying to navigate her way through the halls of Gridley High. Whether you’re 15 or 55, you’ll enjoy the trials and tribulations of this vulnerable yet bright and scrappy girl as she grows, both emotionally and physically, into a woman.” – Karen Harp Nunes, Amazon

“If you are looking for a  witty, fun read, this is the book for you!  Coming from a woman that loves a variety of book genres (think Hunger Games, Dragon Tattoo, Emily Giffin novels, etc.) this is a great book!  Thoroughly enjoyed the authors character descriptions, setting of the scenes, etc.  would put this on the list of my re-reads.”  Karin Danielson, Amazon.

“This book is creatively written and will pull you into tears followed by laughter.” – RoseMarie J Curcuru, Amazon

 If you were lucky enough to get an advance copy of the first edition of Gridley Girls, thank you.  You’ll be happy to note the new ebook and paperbacks will be available June 21, 2016.  With 150 pages of new storyline delving deeper into the girls adult lives, we’re hoping you’ll want to grab a copy of the latest edition of Gridley Girls — even better than ever!

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